602 Crate Engine Cylinder Heads FAQ’s

                                                 Updated on Thursday, 4/11/24.

  1. We have reached an agreement with a company in South Dakota on the sale of our Vortec, Vortec Bow Tie and Dart SS cylinder head programs, machinery and processes.  More details to come soon.  They should be up and running and supplying heads as soon as May 1, 2024.
  2.  Until the transition is complete, we will continue to supply our Look-a-Like valve springs, retainers, locks, Bottle Cap Bottom Kits and Crate Master Camshafts. These items are available from our website or give us a call.
  3.  Currently, we do have a couple sets of complete, ready-to-bolt-on, UnderCover Ported 602 heads in stock.

 602 Crate Engine Bottle Caps

  1. If your 602 Bottle Cap crate engine is intact, we can instruct you how to take it apart and REUSE the original factory Bottle Cap top pieces. We have replacement bottoms available.
    1. Before the engine is disassembled, give us a call or send an e-mail. We will e-mail instructions on how to remove the original Bottle Caps, saving the top piece – the part with the Chevrolet logo.
    2. Replacement Bottle Cap Bottom Kits are available directly from our website or give us a call.
  2. We DO NOT have complete or partial sets of the original Bottle Cap tops – the part with the Chevy logo.
  3. Check E-Bay Motors if you are in need of Bottle Caps with the Chevrolet logo. Again, we do not handle any parts with the Chevrolet logo.
  4. We do not get involved with any of the cable locks or any other seals that tracks or organizations install.

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