Flow Testing Equipment

Flow Testing Equipment

Below is a Link to our Flow Testing Instructional Video Series.

Flow Bench Instructional Video Series

Part 1 Flow Stand and Slider How our flow stand and slider works and its features.
Part 2 Mounting a Head on a Slider Mounting a head on a slider to show just how easy we make it for you.
Part 3 Universal Valve Bar Set Up How to use our universal valve bar opener and its features.
Part 4 Flow Guide Instructions The benefits to using our Flow Guides and how much easier it can be.
Part 5 More Flow Guides, Springs, & Rubber Gaskets
Part 6 Qualify the Flow Bench Plate on flow bench; Plate on assembled stand with slider; Know your baseline
Part 7 Check for Leakage with the Head On There should never be any leakage. Period.
Part 8 Flow Test Manually – Intake Side

Cylinder Head Flow Test Sheet

Cylinder Head Flow Test Sheet Example

Part 9 Flow Testing an Intake Manifold Flow Test an intake manifold on a head. Gross vs. Net air flow.
Part 10 Flow Testing an Intake Manifold – Continued
Part 11 Flow Testing the Exhaust Side Flow test with a header. Bypass the exhaust flow. 80/20 Rule.
Part 12 Flow Testing Faster Changing valves without removing the head. SBC only Valve Bar.
Part 13 Diesel and XL Flow Stands
Part 14 How Much Does Bore Size Matter

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