Cylinder Head Porting Services

Undercover Porting

Our “Undercover Porting” adds 15-30 horsepower to your engine combination by modifying the critical areas of the head and retaining a stock-looking port.

Acid Porting

Acid Porting uses chemical treatments to enlarge the intake ports, which maximizes air flow & increases intake volume, while maintaining a stock appearance.

SST Head Porting

Our “SST 1 Porting” is for applications where porting the head is allowed and, because  of the application, the cylinder head just doesn’t need to be fully 100% ported.

CNC Fully Ported Heads 

Our CNC Fully Ported heads are 100% ported to maximum we can safely get out of the cylinder heads.

Disguise Work

Yes, we can make heads look like other heads.

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