Cylinder Head Porting Services

The data on this page is for information only. We no longer supply or work on cylinder heads. 

Performance Prep Modifications

In this informative series of “behind the scenes’ videos we go into detail about pre-sorting head castings, valve guides installation & sizing, machining valve seats with our “raised-seat technology” & combustion chamber modifications.

After our Performance Prep Modification your heads will be superior “mechanical condition” to run 7,000 rpm for a few thousand laps.  Note: 7,000 rpm for a few thousand laps will not happen with off-the-shelf warehouse heads without this type of work.

Performance Prep is done to all our heads prior the more extensive modifications like SST Porting, “UnderCover Porting” and CNC Sportsman Porting.

As we talk about in the videos, for some applications our Performance Prep Modifications is all that is needed to run in the top 3 at any race track in the county.

UnderCover Porting

Our “Undercover Porting” adds 15-30 horsepower to your engine combination by modifying the critical areas of the head and retaining a stock-looking port.

Acid Porting

Acid Porting uses chemical treatments to enlarge the intake ports, which maximizes air flow & increases intake volume, while maintaining a stock appearance.

SST Head Porting

Our “SST Porting” is for applications where porting the head is allowed and, because  of the application, the cylinder head just doesn’t need to be fully 100% ported.

CNC Fully Ported Heads 

Our CNC Fully Ported heads are 100% ported to maximum we can safely get out of the cylinder heads.

Disguise Work

Yes, we can make heads look like other heads.

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