Chevy 602 Crate Motor

Add 35 Horsepower to Your ‘602 Crate Motor 


                                          Updated on 5/01/24.

We have reached an agreement with Dynamic Cylinder Heads LLC, a company in South Dakota, on the sale of our entire 602 Crate engine product line plus Vortec, Vortec Bow-Tie and Dart SS cylinder head programs, machinery and processes. See video on our home page. Here is Nick German’s contact information:

Dynamic Cylinder Head LLC Attn; Nick German, 310 N. Linda Ave. Unit #10, Tea, SD 57064. 605-214-2248

602 springs, retainers, cams, bottle caps and cylinder heads are available from Nick.  

The new stock ‘602 crate motor will usually make 365 to 375 horsepower.  After our “Undercover Porting” cylinder head modifications & Crate Master camshaft, the same motor will typically dyno out at 410 to 420 horsepower.   Torque also improves 15 to 30 ft. lbs.

Our ‘602 crate cylinder head modifications includes:

    • “CNC UnderCover Porting” modifications to intake ports, exhaust ports, and chambers.
    • Hone the valve guides to correct clearances.
    • Machine a flow bench developed valve job.
    • Surface the heads to the original cc’s, or smaller if you want.
    • New Look-a-Like intake valves that flow better than the Chevy intake valve.
    • New Look-a-Like valve springs that will not lose spring pressure like the Chevy springs.
    • New Look-a-Like retainers that will not break.
    • New Look-a-Like machined valve locks. Not stamped like the stock Chevy locks.
    • Reassemble with original Chevrolet valve seals.

These are the same new Chevy castings that come on the ‘602 crate motor. They are “Undercover Ported” and assembled with our “Look-A-Like” valve springs, retainers and valve locks . Ready to bolt on. Part Number LMS-602-UC

602 Crate Top End Package: Includes above listed Part Number LMS-602-UC complete cylinder heads, Crate Master Camshaft, Bottle Cap bottoms – see our Bottle Cap Video – and instructions…

602 crate head, complete





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