Chevy 602 Crate Motor

Add 32 Horsepower to your ‘602 Crate Motor! 

As this dyno chart shows, a stock ‘602 crate motor will make 356 hp at 5,500 rpm.  After our “Undercover Porting” cylinder head modifications & Crate Master camshaft, the same motor made 388 horsepower at 5,500 rpm.  Yes, we can modify your ‘602 crate heads and regrind you camshaft.  Or, we can supply new heads ready to bolt on and a new reground camshaft ground on an original Chevy core. “Undercover Porting” will add 14 horsepower & 18 ft. lbs. of torque. With our Crate Master Camshaft, the improvement is 36 horsepower & 31 ft. lbs. of torque.

Our ‘602 crate cylinder head modifications includes:


“Undercover Porting” and a re-ground camshaft will add 36 Horsepower and 31 ft. lbs. of torque

    • Disassemble and clean YOUR ‘602 cylinder heads
    • “UnderCover Porting” modifications to intake ports, exhaust ports, and chambers.
    • Hone the valve guides to correct clearances.
    • Machine a flow bench developed valve job.
    • Surface the heads to the original cc’s, or smaller if you want.
    • New Look-a-Like intake valves that flow better than the Chevy intake valve.
    • New Look-a-Like valve springs that will not lose spring pressure like the Chevy springs.
    • New Look-a-Like retainers that will not break.
    • New Look-a-Like machined valve locks. Not stamped like the stock Chevy locks.
  • Reassemble with original Chevrolet valve seals.

Price to modify YOUR complete ‘602 heads  $1,695.00


Bulletproof your ‘602 Crate Motor Valve Train

Every racer who runs a ‘602 crate knows the valve train, especially the valve springs, are a real problem. The stock valve springs are too weak for circle track applications.

On the ‘602 crate motor, we are concerned about the valve spring pressure, or lack there of, on the intake valve. Why the intake valve and not the exhaust? Well, the intake valve is heaver and will “float” before the exhaust. Anything you can do to increase the effective valve spring pressure will help keep the intake valves out of this destructive “float” condition. The “intake valve float” condition is problematic because the stock Chevy ‘602 valve springs suck, especially if you are trying to run the motor over 5,800 rpm. 

Install our “Look-A-Like” valve springs, retainers and locks and you will not have to worry about valve float again.

Look-A-Like replacement valve spring for the ‘602 Crate Motor. Same wire diameter, O.D. and installed height as the stock spring. While the stock springs last a few hundred laps, they will last a couple thousand laps.

Buy now!

#602springs – 16 Look-A-Like springs $269.00

retainerThe stock Chevy retainers are made out of cheap low-carbon steel. Low-Carbon steel works for production street cars but is inferior for racing applications. Our chrome moly Look-A-Like retainer will not break.

Buy now!

#602R – 16 Look-A-Like retainers – $95.00

We do have machined standard, -025″ & -.050″ Look-A-Like locks in stock.

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#602L – 16 Look-A-Like locks – $65.00

Our Crate Master camshafts are ground on original Chevy camshaft cores. The duration and lobe centers are changed; the valve lift is the same as stock.

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NEW Crate Master Camshaft – $359.00

602 crate motor valve spring

602-CYO-G 602 spring, sorted and cryogenically treated. These are the best of the best stock springs that we hand sort and check for the best pressures that we can find.

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602-CYO-G 16 Cryo treated stock springs $160.00

Yes, we can rework your new or used ‘602 crate heads. Sending your heads to us has never been easier! If you don’t have good head boxes, we will send you some. If you do not have a place to ship them, we will send UPS to pick them up. Here is a link for more details on How To Ship Heads to Brzezinski Racing Products.


602 crate head, complete

Or, you can buy a NEW set of complete heads and just bolt them on the motor!

These are the same new Chevy castings that come on the ‘602 crate motor. They are “Undercover Ported” and assembled with our “Look-A-Like” valve springs, retainers, locks and intake valves. Ready to bolt on.

1 pair of complete heads, $2,395.00

New 602 Short Block with 602 oval track pan: 1,995.00.  Includes brand new short block, Chevy oval track pan, oil pump, balancer, timing cover and timing chain set.  With stock 602 Chevy camshaft add $150.00.  _____________________________________________________________________

New Chevy 602 Black Painted Sheet Metal Valve Covers: part# 25534359, 2 part# 25534355 breathers, bolts and gaskets. Chevrolet price valve cover and breathers is about $290.00.  Your price is 225.00.


New Chevy 602 Oil Pan: part# 25534353, Chevy price is $493.00. your price $395.00.


New 602 stock, stock 1.94 intake valve: Chevy price 10.50.  Your price $6.00 each.

New 602 stock, stock 1.50 exhaust valve: part# 12550909. Chevy price is 20.00 each; your price is $12.00 each.

______________________________________________________________________  New 602 distributor:  Your cost $150.00.


New set of 16 rocker arms:  part#12495490. Chevy price is $105.00  Your cost $75.00


New Head Bolt Set: part# 12495499. Chevy price $50.00. Your price $30.00.

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