602 Crate Engine Parts

602 Crate Engine Parts

Bulletproof Your ‘602 Valve Train: Every racer who runs a ‘602 crate knows the stock valve springs are a real problem. The stock Chevy valve springs lose a lot of pressure after just a few nights of racing.

On the ‘602 crate motor, we are concerned about losing the valve spring pressure when the stock springs go south.  When the spring loss a significant amount of pressure, the valves will start to float.  This not only causes the engine to loose rpm and power but also very damaging to the valve train.

Install our “Look-A-Like” valve springs, retainers and locks and you will not have to worry about valve float again.

Look-A-Like replacement valve spring for the ‘602 Crate Motor. Same wire diameter, O.D. and installed height as the stock spring. While the stock springs last a few hundred laps, they will last a couple thousand laps.

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602SP – 16 Look-A-Like springs $279.00

retainerThe stock Chevy retainers are made out of cheap low-carbon steel. Low-Carbon steel works for production street cars but is inferior for racing applications. Our chrome moly Look-A-Like retainer will not break.

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#602R – 16 Look-A-Like retainers – $95.00


Look-a-Like valve locks for 602 crate.

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#602L – 16 Look-A-Like locks – $65.00



Our Crate Master camshafts are ground on original Chevy camshaft cores. The duration and lobe centers are changed; the valve lift is the same as stock.

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NEW Crate Master Camshaft – $495.00

We do not supply lifters. The factory Chevy part number for a set of 16 lifters for the 602 crate is 12371044.

602 crate motor valve spring

Stock, Stock 602 springs, sorted and cryogenically treated. These are the best of the best stock springs.  They last 3 to 4 times longer than stock 602 springs.

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#602-CYO-G – 16 sorted & cryogenically  treated stock 602 springs $229.00

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