Sliders for Flow Stand

Flow Bench Testing Equipment: Labor Saving Flow Testing “Sliders” for our Aluminum Flow Stand

“If you are flow bench testing and not doing it with the Brzezinski Slider assembly, you’re wasting time. I trust the Brzezinski Slider more than centering the head on a flow stand. After I started using the Sliders, I saw the difference in the repeatability. I need to be able to trust my figures.”

— Jan Norris • PRECISION ENGINE • Hyattsville, MD

Save Time — Improve Accuracy!
Dowel pins accurately locate cylinder head on “Slider”
Small Block Chevy “Slider”

Small Block Chevy "Slider"

Aluminum Flow Testing “Sliders”

Note:  All Sliders are Non-Anodized

Part# Description Price
1611SBC & LS1-4.030 Combination SBC & LS1 Slider. Two Sliders for the price of one: 4.030″ bores. $525.00
1612SBC & LS1-4.155 Combination SBC & LS1 Slider. Two Sliders for the price of one: 4.155″ bores $525.00
1611-RO7 Chevy Nextel Cup Slider $495.00
1613-BBC-4.310 Big Block Chevy 4.310  $495.00
1614-BBC-4.500 Big Block Chevy 4.500 $495.00
1615-BBC-4.625 Big Block Chevy 4.625 $495.00
1616-BBCPS-4.900 Big Block Chevy Pro Stock 4.900 bore centers $495.00
1617-BBCPS-5.000 Big Block Chevy Pro Stock 5.000 bore centers $495.00
1618-Hayabusa Suzuki Hayabusa Slider $495.00
1619-HONDA-B18 Honda B18 Slider $495.00
1619-HONDA-K20 Honda K20 Slider $495.00
1620SBF-4.030 Small Block Ford 4.030 $495.00
1620SBF-4.155 Small Block Ford 4.155 $495.00
1621-Miada-1.6 Miada 4 Cylinder Slider $495.00
1622-426/440 426/440 Chrysler Wedge $495.00
1622-BBMOPAR Pro Stock Chrysler 4.900 bore center. $495.00
1625-FORDV6 V-6 Ford Slider $495.00
1626-BBF-4.390 Big Block Ford 4.390″ $495.00
1626-BBF-4.500 Big Block Ford 4.500″ $495.00
1626-BBF-4.600 Big Block Ford 4.600″ $495.00
1626-BBF-FE Ford “FE” Big Block Slider $495.00
1627-GEN. III Third Gen. Hemi Slider 5.7, 6.1, 6.2, 6.4 $495.00
1627-P7MOPAR P7 Chrysler Slider $495.00
1627-MOPAR340 340 Mopar $495.00
1628-BUICK455 455 Buick $495.00
1629-4.6MODULAR 4.6 Ford $495.00
1629-PINTO2000 2000 CC Pinto $495.00
1629-PINTO2300 2300 CC Pinto $495.00
1629-PONTIAC Pontiac 455 $495.00
1632-Toyota 22R Toyota 22R $495.00
409 Chevy 409 Chevy $495.00
Alloytech V6 Alloytech GM V6 Slider $495.00
Nissan 350Z Slider Nissan 350Z Slider $495.00
Chevy Diesel 6.2 IDI Chevy Diesel 6.2 / 6.5 Diesel $495.00
Dart 4.500 C/L slider  Slider for Dart 4.500″ BC block $495.00
Duramax Duramax Slider $495.00
Ford FR9 Ford FR9 Nascar $495.00
GM L67-V6 GM L67 Supercharged V6 $495.00
Holden V 8 Holden V-8 $495.00
Porsche 996 Porsche 996 Slider $495.00
PowerStroke, 6.0-6.4 Powerstroke Diesel Slider, 6.0 engine $495.00
PowerStroke 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel Slider, 6.7 engine $495.00
1611G Small Block Chevy Rubber Head Gasket $50.00
1620G Small Block Ford Rubber Head Gasket $50.00
1611G-LS1 LS1 Rubber Head Gasket $50.00
1613G Big Block Chevy Rubber Head Gasket $50.00
1630 Slider Fastener Kit – 1 required $75.00

We have the most popular Sliders listed. Sliders can be ordered in any bore size.

How much does the bore size matter when flow testing?

Note: Currently, we have program for over 50 Sliders.  Send us a e-mail or call if you need a Slider that is not listed above.  We may already have a program for your application.

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