Chevy Vortec Bowtie Heads

Chevy 180cc Vortec Bow-Tie Small Block Cast Iron Cylinder Heads

Talk about awesome torque and horsepower all in one cylinder head. The 180cc Vortec Bow-Tie is the best “under 200cc intake runner head” on the market. It is excellent for circle track, street, drag racing & marine applications. Technical Note: Chevy calls this a 185 cc intake runner cylinder heads. Actually, it is 180 cc’s in stock form.  Chevy also discontinued the 220 cc intake runner Vortec Bow-Tie castings.  

With our CNC Sportsman Porting or “Undercover Porting“, the 180cc head will support engines making over 540 horsepower with incredible throttle response. This is one of our favorite cylinder heads because it just works well.

Vortec Bow-Tie head

The Vortec Bow-Tie head has a superior chamber design.

The Vortec Bow-Tie heads are beefed-up Vortec passenger car heads with better air flow, a thicker deck, both center-bolt and outside valve cover bolt patterns and the Vortec and conventional intake manifold bolt patterns. They are available with 185cc intake ports and have straight plugs.

A stock 180cc Vortec Bow-Tie head will flow 234 cfm intake and 151 on the exhaust. With our “Undercover Porting“, the intake flow improves to 252 cfm and the exhaust will reach 184 cfm.

Racers love the 180 Vortec Bow-Tie head because it produces such a flat torque curve. Meaning, it will usually produce the same torque at 6,300 as it did at 4,000 rpm. Translation: Instant throttle response whenever you need it.

We can supply bare to complete Vortec Bow-Tie heads and rework your heads.



Aluminum Intake Manifolds for the Vortec Bow-Tie Heads: The Edelbrock 2814 intake will fit the Vortec Bow-Tie heads. Depending on track rules and requirements, other intakes like the Edelbrock 7116 or 2925 Super Victor will also fit. In each case, it is critical that the intake manifold properly fits the heads.

Complete Vortec Bow-Tie heads with “UnderCover Porting“.  Assembled with 11/32 stainless steel valves, flat tappet springs, spring locators, steel retainers, machined locks, rocker studs and guide plates. Flat surfaced to your specifications.

Vortec Bow-Tie castings with “UnderCover Porting“. Bare, pair.

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