E Q Cast Iron Vortec Small Block Chevy Heads

The Engine Quest Vortec heads are an excellent performance and endurance improvement to the Chevy production Vortec cast iron cylinder heads.

EQ Vortec heads produce great throttle response and low to mid-range torque for Street Stock type circle track applications. Features include Vortec style intake manifold flange, thick deck surface for increased durability, machined valve cover area, hardened exhaust seats & are machined for screw-in studs.

 The Vortec style chamber is superior to standard Chevy chambers on “double hump” style heads.

Straight plug design.  Standard valve size is 1.94 x 1.50.  Can be machined for larger valves.

Stock Engine Quest Vortec heads flow 222 cfm intake and 145 cfm exhaust. With our “UnderCover Porting” the flow numbers increase to 245 cfm intake and 175 cfm on the exhaust.  We also offer a disguise package to make this Vortec head look more like a production Chevy Vortec casting.

Complete EQ  Vortec heads with “Undercover Porting“. Assembled with 11/32″ stainless steel valves, flat tappet springs, spring locators, steel retainers, machined locks, rocker studs and guide plates. Flat surfaced to your specifications.
EQ  Vortec castings with “UnderCover Porting”. Bare, pair.. $1,645.00

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