Dart “SS” Heads

 Dart “SS” Cast Iron Small Block Chevy Heads

The Dart S/S head is an excellent performing heads for circle track applications like Pro Stock, Super Stock, Limited Late Models and other such classes throughout the country. They also are terrific for street and marine applications. It is an excellent alternative to the Chevy “double hump” heads.

Features include a thick deck surface for increased durability, machined valve cover area, hardened exhaust seats, efficient combustion chamber design & machined for screw-in studs.

Intake flow on stock SS heads is in the 215-220 cfm range. With “Undercover Porting”, the intake air flow is improved to the 240 cfm area.  The exhaust ports will flow close to 140 cfm stock. With “Undercover Porting” they improve to 175 to 185 cfm.

LMS-SS-UC:  Complete S/S heads with “UnderCover Porting“.   “Undercover Porting” included rework intake ports, combustion chambers, exhaust ports, valve guide work and machining valve seats.  Surfaced with flat cut to your specifications. Assembled with 11/32″ stainless valves, flat tappet springs, steel retainers, machined locks, rocker studs and guide plates.  Ready to bolt on… $2,495.00

SS-UC:  Dart SS castings with “UnderCover Porting“. Bare, pair – $1,395.00

SS-492 Add ‘492 double hump or ‘441 open chamber disguise package to Dart SS heads.  

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