Dart Iron Eagle Platinum Heads

Dart Iron Eagle Platinum Heads

As of 1/1/2023 Dart discontinued the Small Block Chevy Iron Eagle line. Thus, we do not have any new or used Dart Iron Eagle heads available. The data on this page is for information only. We no longer supply or work on the Dart Iron Eagle  heads.

The Dart 200 cc cast iron cylinder head was the best 200 cc cylinder head on the market. To make this Dart head even better, we offer everything from “Undercover Porting” to CNC Sportsman Porting. We can also make the Dart Iron Eagle and Dart SS heads look like “double hump” or open chamber heads. See “Masters of Disguise Heads“.

CNC Ported Dart Iron Eagle combustion chamber. Along with chamber modifications, we also have 3 intake port designs for this versatile cylinder head

The Dart Platinum Small Block Chevy cast iron cylinder heads were available with 180, 200, 215 & 230 cc intake ports. 49 cc & 64 cc combustion chamber sizes are available in the angle plug design.




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