Cylinder Heads FAQ

1. Why do Brzezinski Racing Products heads cost more than the heads found in the performance warehouses?

The simple answer is the heads are not the same.

Compare the long term advantages of heads from Brzezinski Racing Products:

• Not pressure tested
• Guides not honed
• No performance valve job
• Not surfaced & CC’ed
• Spring seats not machined
• Lower quality parts that just will not
last as long
• Not flow tested
“Brzezinski Heads”
• Pressure tested to ensure quality
• Guides honed for proper clearance
• Performance Serdi valve job
• Surfaced and chamber CC’s checked
• Spring seats machined & seals
• Superior quality parts that will
last several seasons
• Flow tested

 2. Which head is best for my class? There is not one best head for all the different applications. What will work well on a 3,100 pound street stock with a cast iron intake and 2 barrel will not work well on a 2,400 pound late model with an aluminum intake and 4 barrel? To accurately recommend a head for your particular application we go through a 15 to 20 question check list to better understand your combination, rules and performance needs. This takes 10 to 15 minutes over the telephone. With over 1,000 race tracks in the country, with as many sets of ever-changing rules, the need to totally understand your rules is essential. Sure this does take a little time but isn’t having the correct combination worth the extra effort? For your convenience, we have a Cylinder Head Design Form that you can fill out online.

3. Will Brzezinski rework my new or used heads? Yes, we’ll be happy to modify your heads. About 30% of our cylinder head work is on customer supplied heads. If you have new castings, or a set of good used heads that you want improved, of course we will work on them. Our labor operations are the same for new or used heads. However, if we do not know the history of the heads, we will need to inspect and pressure test the heads before they are worked on.

4. How we gather our flow figures

The flow numbers gathered are from dozens of tests on each particular head. After a wide cross section of tests is attained, the flow figures are averaged to achieve a baseline. True, some ports may on a particular casting flow 2 to 4 percent more than our average base line. However, the next port (or the next head) may be down a couple 4 percent. This is especially true with stock cast iron cylinder head castings. Also, the head’s flow numbers may change over years, due to changes in production from the cylinder head manufacture.  All of our flow testing is performed at 28” of water with a SuperFlow 600 flow bench, Flow Pro software from Audi Technology and our flow bench equipment.

5. Does Brzezinski modify heads other than small-block Chevy? Yes, we rework and/or port a variety of head types, mostly cast-iron, but we have modified plenty of sets of aluminum heads as well. The “UnderCover” type of modifications are the most frequently requested modifications for small-block Chevy heads as well as Ford small-block, W-2, Pinto, big-block Chevy and others.

6. Do you do your own CNC machining “In House”? Yes, currently we have 3 CNC machining centers. Having our own machining centers allows us to control the delivery and quality of the heads. Also, it strengthens program development for other types of heads.