SST Porting

Stage 1 Head Porting   

Our SST Head Porting is for applications where porting is allowed.

SST Porting will improve airflow more than “Undercover Porting” because there is no need to coverup the modifications.  Thus,  we can do more work to the heads because there is no consideration to keeping the port looking like a stock port. .

Stage 1 Ported heads have the intake port opening matched to the required gasket size,  intake port short turn radius and bowls ported, combustion chambers ported, exhaust port short turns are modified, valve guides sized and the valve seats are machined.

We can perform SST Porting to heads we supply or your castings.

If you want or your engine combination would benefit from additional porting work to the cylinder heads, our CNC Fully Ported Heads are the answer.






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