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CNC Fully Ported Heads: The Ultimate in Ported Cylinder Heads

The fastest way around the race track for maximum output engines!

Our CNC Fully Ported heads have more developed and larger intake ports than Stage 1 Ported heads.  They feature fully CNC machined intake ports, exhaust ports and combustion chambers. The valve guides are honed to proper clearance for your application and the seats are machined to the final size.

What is the difference between the SST Ported and CNC Fully Ported heads on a maximum output motor? Well, for instance, we port the Chevy ‘492 heads for road racing classes where roller cams are used and engine rpm is in the 7,600 rpm range. The CNC Fully Ported Ported ‘492 heads will flow 245 to 250 cfm on the intake side; where as the same head with our SST Porting will flow about 235 cfm. The difference in performance is 20 to 30 horsepower in the upper rpm ranges in this application.

Another popular head is the 200cc Dart Iron Eagle Platinum series. For maximum output small blocks engines with roller cams and 8,000 plus rpm we recommend the CNC Fully Ported heads because the air flow is 15 – 20 cfm more over .575” lift vs. Stage 1 Porting. This additional air flow and intake volume translates into a 15 to 20 horsepower gain in this type of wide open application. We have several CNC programs for the 200cc Dart Iron Eagle Platinum heads.

CNC Ported Dart Iron Eagle Head

We have several intake port designs for the 200cc Dart Platinum cylinder heads ranging from 205cc’s to over 230cc’s. The port on the left matches the Fel Pro 1289 Fast Burn gasket. This is our “Super Model” port ( because it’s tall and skinny). This port will match the Edelbrock 2814 intake manifold. The Edelbrock 2814 intake is used on the raised runner Vortec Bow-Tie heads. The port on the right will match the Edelbrock 2925 Super Victor intake manifold, which uses the Fel Pro 1206 gasket.

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