About Us

Randy Brzezinski, PresidentSince 1981 we have been the serious racer’s source for Winning Cast Iron Heads, Intake Manifolds, Exhaust Manifolds and Pipe Kits.  We have the most complete selection of carb spacers and adapters available anywhere. Our Flow Test Stands, Sliders and Flow Guides make flow testing easy, accurate and fast!  Our Cylinder Head & Intake Manifold Templates provide the professional way to lay out heads and intakes. Our CNC machining operations to cylinder heads means closer tolerances and faster delivery.

By thoroughly testing numerous combinations…
we make the most out of cast iron. I can say with confidence, “If you can find a better set of heads or intake manifold … buy them.”

The internet is a fabulous asset, as are CNC machines and computers. It is difficult to imagine life without these tools. However, all the high-tech equipment in the world doesn’t get the work completed or get your race car to the track… dedicated, quality people do. Over the past 24 years we have been blessed to have attracted team players who keep us — and you — on the winning track.

Travis Michels

TRAVIS MICHELS came to us from the automotive machining program at Bemidji Technical College, Minnesota. There, under the direction of instructor Paul Nelson, Travis received exceptional training. Anyone interested in a career in the automotive machine industry should check out the excellent program offered at Bemidji.

Travis does every machining operation in the shop, including running the CNC machines, the SuperFlow flow bench, valve jobs on the Serdi seat and guide machine and surfacing heads and intakes. Travis recently completed an extensive series of tests on stock heads with different valve angles and seat designs. Since the spring of 2001, he has been an indispensible member of our team.

New products, new procedures:

valve opening fixture

Over the last two years we have been busy keeping up with the changes in our area of the industry, improving all our products, inventing new products and refining our porting procedures to improve performance.

Travis machining intakeWe are most excited about our improved ability and commitment to producing unique, quality products for your exact needs. Specifically, we have added another CNC machine center, updated our other CNC mills and DCM head surfacer, and and we’ve added new invoicing and flow bench software. Also, we now have the ability to weld cast iron heads in house.

What this means to you is improved products with quicker turn-around. On many items we have actually managed, through increased efficiencies, to reduce unit costs.