Chevy Vortec Cast Iron Small Block Cylinder Heads


Chevy Vortec Cast Iron Cylinder Heads

                                           Updated on Thursday, 5/1//24.

We have reached an agreement with Dynamic Cylinder Heads LLC, a company in South Dakota, on the sale of our Vortec, Vortec Bow Tie and Dart SS cylinder head programs, machinery and processes. See video on our home page. Here is Nick German’s contact information:

Dynamic Cylinder Head LLC Attn; Nick German, 310 N. Linda Ave. Unit #10, Tea, SD 57064. 605-214-2248

 The Chevy Vortec head is an excellent choice for a variety of performance and race applications.

Since its introduction in the late 1990’s there have been a few “versions” of the factory Vortec head. We use the new, new Chevrolet produced casting for applications that require the factory Vortec head. The Chevrolet part number is 12691728.  This is the “Mexican” casting supplied on all ‘602 crate engines and available on only as a new, new complete head assembly.

The new Mexican castings are good, thick heads and can be flat cut to the mid 50’s without any issues.  Unlike the used Vortec heads pulled of of passenger vehicles, these new Chevy casting do not have issues with cracking.

A new stock Chevy “Mexico” Vortec head will flow in the 210 to 215 cfm range on the intake and about 145 cfm on the exhaust.

After our “CNC – UnderCover Porting” the Mexican Vortec head will flow in the 235 on the intake and 165 on the exhaust.

We have the new Chevy “Mexican” Vortec heads available with various forms of modifications and can modify your used or new factory Vortec heads.


A BARE set of New, New Chevy Vortec with “CNC-UnderCover Porting” which includes our CNC-UnderCover Machining, modifications to the intake ports, exhaust ports, chamber modifications, all the cover-up work, machining the valve seats for your size valves and providing air flow numbers for your camshaft selection. Heads are also machined for screw in studs and pushrod holes opened.

A COMPLETE set New, New Chevy Vortec heads of “CNC-UnderCover Ported” with the above listed “CNC-UnderCover Porting” modifications, machined for screw-in studs, 11/32″ stainless valves, springs for a flat tapped or hydraulic cam, spring locators, steel retainers, machined valve locks, surfaced with a flat cut for your compression rule and assembled ready to bolt on the motor.


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