Chevy 602 Crate Motor


Add 36 Horsepower to your Vortec Head ‘602 Crate Motor!

There are just 2 ways to add horsepower to the ‘602 crate motor:  rework the cylinder heads and change the camshaft.

The ‘602 crate motor has “Mexican” Vortec cast iron heads.  Of the several different styles of Vortec heads Chevrolet produced, the “Mexican” head is by far the worst flowing.  However, they do respond to our “Undercover Porting” procedures.

602 crate head with"UnderCover Porting".

“Undercover Porting” will add 14 horsepower & 18 ft. lbs. of torque. With our Crate Master Camshaft, the improvement is 36 horsepower & 31 ft. lbs. of torque.


Crate Master Camshaft. 18 horsepower gain vs. stock crate cam. Ground on the original Chevy ‘602 cam core. In stock.

The stock ‘602 Crate engine produced 349 horsepower @ 6,000 rpm. With our “UnderCover Ported” heads the same motor made 363 horsepower @ 6,000 rpm. Torque also increased 18 ft.lbs at 5,500 rpm. Next, our Crate Master Camshaft was installed.  With our Crate Master camshaft the motor made 385 horsepower @ 6,000 rpm. Torque increased another 9 ft. lbs at 6,000 rpm. The combination of “Undercover Ported” heads and Crate Master Camshaft improved the motor 36 horsepower and 31 ft.lbs of torque.

‘602 “UnderCover” Cylinder Head Modifications: We can modify your bare or complete ‘602 cylinder heads.  Or, supply brand new heads that are ready to bolt on the motor.

Send us YOUR complete ‘602 Vortec heads.  We will take them apart, perform our “Undercover Porting” to the intake & exhaust ports, modify the chambers, machine the valve seats, surface and reassemble the heads with our “Look-A-Like” intake valves, valve springs, retainers and locks. Cost is $1,440.00 to totally rework YOUR complete ‘602 heads.

“Undercover Porting” to YOUR bare ‘602 castings: Includes: “Undercover Porting” to the intake & exhaust ports, modifying the chambers and machining the valve seats.  Cost is $850.00 to YOUR bare ‘602 castings.

We can also regrind your 602 camshaft for $165.00.

Complete Brand New Chevy ‘602 Vortec Heads: 602 crate head, complete The same new Chevy castings that come on the ‘602 crate motor.  They are “Undercover Ported” and assembled with our  “Look-A-Like” valve springs, retainers, locks and intake valves.  Ready to bolt on. 1 pair of complete heads, $2,095.00.

Complete New Chevy ‘602 Vortec Heads & Camshaft Package:  New, above listed complete ‘602 heads, New Crate Master camshaft and 16 lifters.  Package price $2,395.00.

Bulletproof your ‘602 Crate Motor Valve Train

On the ‘602 crate motor, we are concerned about the valve spring pressure, or lack there of, on the intake valve.  Why the intake valve and not the exhaust?  Well,  the intake valve is heaver and will “float” before the exhaust.  Anything you can do to increase the effective valve spring pressure will help keep the intake valves out of this destructive “float” condition.  The “intake valve float” condition is made more problematic because the stock ‘602 valve springs tend to “go away” so quickly, especially if you are trying to run the motor over 6,000 rpm.

We have a couple solutions.  First, you can simply install our Look-a-Like ‘602 retainers and locks.  This will reduce the springs installed height and increase the effective spring pressure.  This can be done with the stock springs.  Or, a better solution is to also replace the stock valve springs with our Look-a-Like valve springs.


10 cfm air flow gain at .200″ & .300″ lift vs. the stock intake valve. Look-A-Like intake valve for the ‘602 & ‘603 Crate Motor. Same look, length and weight as the stock intake valve. 
#BRP602-194 – Set of 8 Look-A-Like intake valves – $160.00.

Look-A-Like replacement valve spring for the ‘602 Crate Motor. Same wire diameter, length and installed height as the stock spring. Our Look-A-Like ‘602 valve spring will give you a bit more spring pressure and the piece of mind of thousands of laps.
#602SSS – Set of 16 Look-A-Like valve springs for the ‘602 Crate Motor – $229.00.

The stock Chevy retainers are made out of cheap low-carbon steel. Low-Carbon steel works for production street cars but is inferior for racing applications. Our Chrome Moly heat treated Look-A-Like retainer will not break like the stock retainers have been know to do.
#602R – Set of 16 Look-A-Like retainers for the ‘602 crate motor – $95.00

Machined locks for the crate motors
#602L – 16 pair of machined valve locks.  $60.00

4 hole rev
1″ tall aluminum 4 hole “Reversion Step” carb spacer designed for ‘602 Crate Motor – 10 ft. lbs of torque improvement over an open spacer.   111-RS – 1″ tall carb spacer – $75.00



Our Crate Master camshafts are ground on original Chevy camshaft cores. The duration and lobe centers are changed; the valve lift is the same as stock. New Crate Master ‘602 camshaft – $339.00

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