Cylinder Head Porting Services

Head Porting Procedures & Disguise Work Overview

"UnderCover Porting"

Our "UnderCover Porting" adds 15-30 horsepower to your engine combination by modifying the critical areas of the head while retaining a stock-looking port. Typically, the port size increases 3 to 5 cc's. View the various UnderCover vs. Stock port flow figures comparison chart.

Acid Porting

Acid Porting uses chemical treatments to enlarge the cylinder head intake ports by 6 to 14 cc's, which maximizes air flow & increases intake volume, providing excellent gains in engine horsepower.

CNC Sportsman Porting

Our CNC Sportsman porting is our most extensive series of port modifications.  

S.S.T Porting

Our "SST Porting" is not as extensive as our CNC Sportsman Porting.

Disguise Work

For a number of reasons, it may be necessary to alter the outside appearance of a head and/or change the casting numbers to maximize your options for a specific class of racing.

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