Used, Over-Run Parts and Cores Wanted


Wanted Used Brzezinski Racing Products, Inc., Cast Iron Intake Manifolds

We are looking to purchase a few of our modified cast iron Small Block Chevy Stage1 2 barrel and Acid Ported 4 barrel EGR Q-Jet intake manifolds.  If you have one laying around your shop give is a call.    

Wanted: ‘062 Non-Mexican Vortec Castings.  These came on factory vehicles.  This is not the same casting as the Mexican Vortec heads that come on the 602 crate engines.                           

Cores Wanted: Open Chamber Heads – ‘441, ‘487 or ‘993 heads. Note: We do not want “CONV” open chamber heads. These heads have the letters “CONV” cast in the valve cover area. We pay up to $100.00 per bare, stripped and cleaned head.

 Cores Wanted: ‘186 & ‘492 straight plug “Double Hump” Chevy Small Block heads with accessory holes and ‘291 “Double Hump” heads, which do not have accessory holes.  We are only interested in these casting number “Double Hump” castings.  We pay up to $125.00 per bare, stripped and cleaned head.  

Cylinder Heads and Other Stuff for Sale:

351N casting: M-6049 351N, stock no porting, stock guides, pushrod holes slotted, surfaced to 36cc’s.  1 only bare casting: $250.00. 

351N casting: M-6049 351N, ’96 casting, stock no porting, stock guides, .460″ round pushrod holes,  surfaced to 45cc’s. 1 only bare casting: $250.00. 

 Flow Bench Equipment for sale:

L67 Chevy V-6 Slider, non-anodized – 3.820″ bores – 295.00.

BBC 8.1 Gen II Slider – 4.500″ bores, non anodized, used – $295.00

Pontiac 455 Slider – 4.155” bores, non-anodized, – $295.00


Carb Spacer / Adapters for sale

#104 – Adapter 1″ tall, phenolic. Adapts Holley 4 bbl to cast iron SBC Q-Jet intake with modified plenum area. – $75.00 each. 

#109 – Spacer 1″ tall, phenolic for Rochester 2 bb – $50.00 each.

#111 – Spacer 1″ tall, phenolic for Holley 4 bbl, 4 hole – $50.00 each

#112 – Spacer, 1″ tall, phenolic for Holley 4 bbl, open  – 50.00 each

“Marine” 1987 to 1995 intake bolt pattern Hi-Rise Cast Iron Small Block Chevy Intake Manifold for sale – Popular for boat applications. In stock form this Hi-Rise cast iron intake manifold will produce more power than any other stock Chevy cast iron intake manifold. Commonly referred to as a “Marine” intake, this manifold is a cast iron copy of a Z-28 high rise aluminum intake. It is equipped with Holley and Q-Jet carburetor bolt patterns. Has ’87 to ’95 bolt pattern with angled center holes. 1 available.  $195.00.








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