Used, Over-Run Parts and Cores Wanted



Wanted Used Brzezinski Racing Products, Inc., Cast Iron Intake Manifolds

We are looking to purchase a few of our modified cast iron Small Block Chevy Stage1 2 barrel and Acid Ported 4 barrel EGR Q-Jet intake manifolds.  If you have one laying around your shop give is a call.    

  Flow Bench Equipment for sale:

L67 Chevy V-6 Slider, non-anodized – 3.820″ bores – 295.00.

BBC 8.1 Gen II Slider – 4.500″ bores, non anodized, used – $295.00

Pontiac 455 Slider – 4.155” bores, non-anodized, – $295.00


Carb Spacer / Adapters for sale

#104 – Adapter 1″ tall, phenolic. Adapts Holley 4 bbl to cast iron SBC Q-Jet intake with modified plenum area. – $75.00 each. 

#109 – Spacer 1″ tall, phenolic for Rochester 2 bb – $50.00 each.

#111 – Spacer 1″ tall, phenolic for Holley 4 bbl, 4 hole – $50.00 each

#112 – Spacer, 1″ tall, phenolic for Holley 4 bbl, open  – 50.00 each

“Marine” 1987 to 1995 intake bolt pattern Hi-Rise Cast Iron Small Block Chevy Intake Manifold for sale – Popular for boat applications. In stock form this Hi-Rise cast iron intake manifold will produce more power than any other stock Chevy cast iron intake manifold. Commonly referred to as a “Marine” intake, this manifold is a cast iron copy of a Z-28 high rise aluminum intake. It is equipped with Holley and Q-Jet carburetor bolt patterns. Has ’87 to ’95 bolt pattern with angled center holes. 1 available.  $195.00.








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