Used, Over-Run Parts and Cores Wanted

Blown-Up 602 Crate Motor(s)

We are looking for blown-up or worn-out Bottle Cap 602 crate motors.

If the motor has a connecting rod through the pan or other serious damage we are interested in purchasing it.

Cores Wanted

Chevy LT1 Exhaust manifolds

Left (drivers) side only: Casting numbers: 12553729, 12553295, 10168495.

Heat shields must be removed to visually inspect for cracks.  We do not reuse the heat shields.  $75.00 per manifold.

‘186 & ‘492 “Double Hump” Chevy Small Block heads with accessory holes.  $100.00 per head.   

Small Block Chevy cast iron 2 barrel intake manifolds with larger – 1.720″ – throttle bores.  50.00 per manifold. 

If you have cores for sale, or want to swap cores for some of our work our products, give us a call or send an e-mail.


Flow Bench Equipment:

Small Block LS1 Slider, used,  LS1 only bolt pattern – 4.125″ bores – $195.00

L67 Chevy V-6 Slider, non-anodized – 3.820″ bores – 295.00.

BBC 8.1 Genv II Slider – 4.500″ bores, non anodized, used – $325.00

Pontiac 455 Slider – 4.155” bores, non-anodized, – $325.00

6.7 Power Stroke Slider – 4.110″ bores, non-anodized, – $325.00

Dodge Cummins 12v head bare $1,000

Fully ported 12 valve Cummins head. Cleaned, magnafluxed and pressure tested. CNC machining and finish porting. Stock intake manifold plenum area has been removed.  Intake bolt pattern for aftermarket intake manifold will need to be installed.  This is 1 bare, ported 12 valve head. No cracks. No seat rings.

“Marine” 1987 to 1995 intake bolt pattern Hi-Rise Cast Iron Small Block Chevy Intake Manifold  – Popular for boat applications. $295.00

In stock form this Hi-Rise cast iron intake manifold will produce more power than any other stock Chevy cast iron intake manifold. Commonly referred to as a “Marine” intake, this manifold is a cast iron copy of a Z-28 high rise aluminum intake. It is equipped with Holley and Q-Jet carburetor bolt patterns. Has ’87 to ’95 bolt pattern with angled center holes.



RHS Pro action SBC 23-Degree Raised Runner Head

Part # 12803 One only. Fully ported.Has solid Bronze intake guides and steel exhaust. $600





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