Ford Cast Iron Intake Manifolds (289-302 & 351W)

20+ Horsepower Gain

Stage 1 Ford 289/302 Intake   20+ Horsepower Gain

Stage 1 Ported Ford Intake Manifolds:  A ported intake manifold that is modified as much as possible through the plenum area and the port opening.  These manifold receive 5 hours of CNC machining followed by hand porting and shot blasting to put some “texture” back into the ports.  Nothing on the outside of the manifold is altered.  Typical performance gain is 15 to 25 horsepower over a stock manifold.


“Stage 1” 2 barrel 289-302 intake

“Stage 1” 4 barrel 351W intake

Intake Manifold FAQ’s

Free Custom Camshaft: Now, with your purchase of a complete set of modified heads and a matching, modified intake, we will supply a custom ground flat tappet camshaft designed specifically for your application.

Cylinder Head Design Form: Fill out our online form for a recommendation and pricing on a set of heads built specifically for your application. Also, here is a link to more detailed information on our Complete Cylinder Head Assemblies. Cylinder Head FAQs

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