Carburator Adapters

We offer the widest selection of heat resistant carb adapters & spacers anywhere. Since we manufacture all our carburetor adapters and spacers in-house, we can make custom pieces for your application. Standard size on all adapters is 1 inch. All adapters are supplied with mounting hardware.

#101 Adapter#101 – Holley 2 Barrel Carb to Q-Jet Intake Carb Adapter
Allows adjustable positioning of Holley 2 barrel on Q-Jet manifold or any intake with “inside” (4 1/4″) bolt pattern. 1″ tall. $85.00

* Note: When using the #101 adapter to position a 2 barrel carb over secondary bores of a Q-Jet manifold with an unmodified plenum area, special gasket #101G must be used to seal off primary bores of intake.

#104 Adapter#104 – Holley 4 Barrel Carb to Modified Q-Jet Intake Adapter
Adapts Holley 4 barrel carb to a modified Q-Jet intake. 1″ tall.  $95.00


#105 Adapter

#105 – Holley 2 Barrel Carb to Aluminum 4 barrel intakes
For aluminum intakes with “outside” (5 5/32″) bolt pattern.
#105 – 1″ tall,  $85.00
#105-AR – 1″ tall, with radius bottom $105.00
#105-1.5 – 1 1/2′ tall,  $125.00

#108 Adapter

Holley 2 Barrel Carb Adapter
Holley 2 barrel carb to Chevy 2 barrel intake.
#108 – 1″ tall,  $65.00


* Note: All mounting hardware is included with our spacers & adapters!

#114 Adapter#114 – 2″ Tall Adapter
The best 2 barrel adapter on the market for open plenum aluminum intake manifolds.
Unique 2” tall adapter starts as our popular #105 adapter. An additional 1″ spacer (#113) is added and a radius blended into the bottom. Can be run as a 1″ or 2″ tall adapter.
#114 – $189.00

#101 Carb Adapter Dyno Test

#101 Dyno Chart

Test Engine: 355, stock Q-Jet intake, stock ’492 heads and 500 Holley 2 barrel.

As you can see, our Part #101 Adapter produced 8 more horsepower at 5,500 rpm than a die cast aluminum adapter.

#114 Carb Adapter Dyno Test

Don’t make a 24 horsepower mistake!

#114 Dyno Chart

Test engine: 355 small-block, ported Dart heads, 1 3/4″ headers, flat tappet cam, compression ratio 10.5 to 1. New style Team G manifold with stock 500 2 barrel Holley carb.

We conducted a series of dyno tests on several different types of 2 barrel carb adapters. We ran one of the cheep die-cast aluminum adapters versus our #105 and #114 phenolic adapters. As you can see below, the results are very interesting.

Our #105 adapter out performed the die-cast aluminum adapter by 8 to 24 horsepower throughout the entire rpm range.

Is saving a few dollars on a carb adapter worth losing 24 horsepower?