Intake Manifold Porting – Cost Comparison

With all the places to spend your hard-earned money, you might ask, “Where do I get the most power for my money?”

question-markLighter weight pistons and small clutches cost $400 to $800. They offer better throttle response and quicker acceleration than stock, but definitely nowhere near a 20 hp improvement.

question-markWe have seen about 8 to 12 hp increase when comparing extensively re-worked carbs to stock carbs.
question-markFlat tappet vs. roller cam – On a cast iron intake motor running 4,000 to 7,000 rpm there’s about 8 to 18 hp increase when changing from a flat tappet to roller cam. The cost to upgrade from a flat tappet cam to a roller cam can easily be $1,000.00.

question-mark1.6 rockers – In all our testing with stock and modified intakes, we have seen, at best, a 4 to 6 hp increase above 6,000 rpm when going from 1.5 to 1.6 rockers. In many tests we have not seen any increase at all. Cost of a set of 1.6 rockers is approximately $350.

dollar-signBrzezinski Stage 1 Ported Cast Iron Intake manifold – Dyno proven 26 hp gain at 6,500 rpm. $695.00


dollar-signBrzezinski Fully CNC Ported Cast Iron 4 barrel Q-Jet Intake – Dyno proven 51 hp gain at 7,000 rpm. $1,295.00

We are not saying that roller cams, modified carb, 1.6 rockers, etc. have no merit on a racing engine. But for your hard earned money, dollar-for- dollar a Stage 1 Ported or Fully CNC Ported Intake Manifold is a much better investment!

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