Ported Small Block Chevy Cast Iron Intake Manifolds

Stage 1 & Fully Modified Intake Manifolds

Why does this intake manifold have such a large hole in it? Because that is what you have come to expect from us; getting the most out of every component. Through this “access hole” we are able to modify 100% of the internal area of the intake manifold.  Actually, our Fully Modified intake manifold are modified through 4 access holes.

Let’s face it, the stock cast iron intake manifolds were designed for street cars, which run from idle to about 3,500 rpm.  Well, on a race car, you are not running under 3,500 rpm.  That is main reason why you lose so much horsepower running stock manifolds.

If you are stuck running a cast iron intake manifold and want a lot more power, change it.

A Stage 1 Intake is a manifold that is modified as much as possible through the plenum area and the port opening.  These manifold receive 5 hours of CNC machining followed by hand porting and shot blasting to put some “texture” back into the ports.  Nothing on the outside of the manifold is altered.  Typical performance gain is 15 to 25 horsepower over a stock intake manifold.

A Fully Modified Intake receives 7 hours of CNC machining, which includes the machining of four 2 1/2″ access holes in the manifold.  The access holes allow us to modify 100% of the manifold.  After the CNC work, the manifolds are hand ported, shot blasted to put some “texture” back in the ports and the 4 large access holes are sealed.  The result is a 30 to 45 horsepower gain and the manifold looks stock on the outside.  This is our best cast iron manifold.


 “Stage 1”  2 Barrel Intake
80% of the manifold is ported.    Typically, a 15 to 25 horsepower gain over a stock manifold.  Stage 1 Ported 4 barrel Q-jet manifold are also available.

Fully Modified Q-Jet  100% of internal surfaces of manifold is modified resulting in the best cart iron intake money can buy.  Fully Modified 2 barrel manifold is also available.

Our modifications combine to produce  horsepower gain and maintain that vital stock appearance. Compare for yourself with these dyno tests.

Have to run a more “stock appearing” intake manifold? We also have acid ported intakes.



Stage 1 Ported Chevy Small Block cast iron 2 barrel intake manifold

Stage 1 Ported Chevy Small Block cast iron Q-Jet 4 barrel intake manifold

In the original form, the Chevy cast iron intakes were designed to run from idle to 3,500 rpm. However, on a race engine, the engine never sees anything less than 3,500 rpm on the track. This is the reason the stock intakes are so restrictive for a race application. As the dyno charts show, the addition of a ported cast iron Brzezinski intake will add horsepower to your engine from 3,500 to 7,000 rpm. If you are interested in performance below 3,500 rpm, such as for a tow vehicle, keep the intake stock. If winning races is your goal, get one of our modified intake manifolds.

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