Shipping Your Heads To Us

How To Ship Your Cylinder Heads To Us

Yes, we will rework new and used heads that you supply.
Here are a few tips to make sure your heads arrive to us intact.

  • Don’t send 2 heads in one box; the box just gets too heavy.  This is a sure way for the heads to get damaged.
  • Remove the rocker arm studs, guide plates and any valve cover studs.  These items will get bent or broken in transit.  If you use our boxes this is not necessary.
  • Also, if you are using the small packing “peanuts”, first enclose the heads in a plastic bag;  this prevents the “peanuts” from getting lodged in the water passages.
  • Call us to get an invoice number before shipping the heads.
  • Good boxes to ship  heads are sometimes hard to find.  If you need boxes give us a call.  We will send them to you.
  • Consider our “Package Pickup Service”.

Need Head Boxes?

If you do not have boxes to ship your heads to us, give us a call.

We will send you a couple boxes. See above video.

We will charge you $10.00 for the 2 boxes plus the cost to ship the boxes to you.   

When we send your reworked heads back to you, the total amount for the head boxes and shipping will be credited to your invoice.  

Package Pickup Service

To make it easier for you to send in your parts to us for modifications, we can arrange a United Parcel Service pickup for your packages.

Simply have your parts correctly boxed and give us a call. We will arrange for UPS to pickup the boxes from your place of business or home and deliver them to us.

This UPS service often times costs less than taking the packages to a shipping store. We will include the shipping charges on your final bill.

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