Engine Quest 350H Cast Iron Heads

Engine Quest 350H Cast Iron Heads

Basically, the 350H is a Vortec style head with the standard intake manifold and standard perimeter valve cover pattern.

With the Vortec style intake port openings and standard intake manifold bolt pattern, fitting a standard aluminum intakes like an Edelbrock 7101 or 2925, or cast iron intake, gets a bit tricky.

The 350H head also suffer from inconsistent valve guide placement from the factory, which sometimes requires the installation of intake seats when running 1.94” intake valves for maximum performance and durability.

We offer this head with bare and complete with our Performance Prep.   “UnderCover Porting” and SST Porting modifications. 

A pair of new bare 350H cylinder heads with either our Performance Prep Modifications, “UnderCover Porting” or SST Porting sell for $1,195.00 to $1,795.00. 

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