World Products S/R Cylinder Heads

World Products S/R Street Replacement Heads

The World Products S/R heads have a simple chamber design. The big air flow gains are found in reworking the intake & exhaust ports. If you are required to run the S/R heads, you may want to consider using another cylinder head disguised to look like the S/R head. See “Masters of Disguise“.

The S/R is a street replacement cylinder head offered with either a 1.94″ or 2.02″ intake valve. The 1.94″ version is called “S/R” and the 2.02” version “S/R Torquer”. Stock air flow leaves a little bit to be desired for a racing engine.

However, if you are interested in adding quite a bit more power to your engine, air flow can be significantly improved with our S/R UnderCover Porting.

A stock S/R head flows 195 cfm intake and 135 cfm exhaust. After our modifications the intake port will flow 225 to 235 cfm while the exhaust will flow around 160 cfm resulting in a major horsepower improvement.

Complete World Products S/R heads with “Undercover Porting“.  Assembled with 11/32 stainless valves, flat tappet springs & locators, steel retainers, machined locks, rocker studs and guide plates. Combustion chambers are reworked, valve seats machined and heads are flat surfaced to your specifications.   

S/R castings with “S/R UnderCover Porting“. Bare, pair.

As with all of our cylinder heads, we can perform “Undercover Porting” or any other procedure to your S/R heads.

Cylinder Head Design Form: Fill out our online form for a recommendation and pricing on a set of heads built specifically for your application. Also, here is a link to more detailed information on our Complete Cylinder Head Assemblies. Cylinder Head FAQs

Sending your cylinder heads to us for modifications? Check out our head shipping tips.

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