Ford Pinto Racing Heads


From road race, circle tracks and boats, the Ford 2300cc engine is popular for many classes across the country. Improving the air flow through the cylinder head is a key ingredient in running up front. This is where our “Undercover Porting” will help.

“Undercover Porting” consists of modifying the intake ports, exhaust ports and combustion chambers. The valve seats finished to your valve size, which is usually 1.740″ x 1.500″.

Stock Pinto heads flow 158 cfm intake and 115 cfm exhaust. After our “Undercover Porting” the aif flow improves to 180 cfm intake and over 145 cfm exhaust. Our fully ported Pinto head running 1.880 x 1.600 valves will flow 215 cfm intake and 165 exhaust.

Note:  We are happy to modify YOUR bare Pinto casting.  We do not supply Pinto heads.


Undercover Porting” to your bare Pinto head. Labor only.

Full porting to your bare Pinto head. Labor only.

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