Ford 351 Windsor Cylinder Heads

Ford 351W Heads

Porting the factory Ford 351W heads is popular for road racing classes. A stock 351W cylinder heads will flow in the 160 to 170 range on the intake side and just below 130 cfm on the exhaust. With our CNC Sportsman Porting the intake air flow improves to 210 cfm and the exhaust will flow 160 cfm.







Chamber modifications are critical to the Ford heads.


CNC Sportsman Porting to 289 / 302 or 351W  factory Ford castings.

$1,995.00 labor only to 1 pair of your cleaned ready-to-be-worked-on 289, 302 or 351W castings.

Includes CNC machining, finish hand porting, new valve guides and valve seats machined to final size.  This is labor only to your castings.


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