Chevy Bow Tie Cylinder Heads

Chevy Bow Tie Heads

Like the Chevrolet Vortec Bow Tie head, this original Bow-Tie head features no heat riser passage, induction hardened exhaust seats and is machined for screw-in studs.

Bow Tie Head. With “UnderCover Porting” it is tough to beat. There are still a lot of Bow Tie headed motors running up front. And, it weighs 9 pounds less than an Iron Eagle Platinum cylinder head. That is 18 pounds off the front of the car!

The work-horse Bow Tie head has been around forever, or at least since the early 1980’s. In stock form, or even with just a good valve job, it kind of sucks for performance applications.   However, when modified (ported) correctly, it is an excellent cylinder head. If you want to run upfront, modifications to this head are vital to getting more power out of the motor.

A stock Bow-Tie head flows 212 cfm intake and 140 cfm on the exhaust. With our “Undercover Porting” air flow is increased to 235 to 248 cfm intake and 160 to 175 cfm exhaust.   On a motor running 7,000 rpm the difference from a stock Bow-Tie to an “UnderCover Ported” head is easily 25 horsepower.

We can only modify your Bow Tie heads, since they are no longer available new from Chevrolet.  “UnderCover Porting” to your bare Chevy Bow Tie castings…  $995.00 labor only to modify 1 pair of castings.

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