Chevy 604 Crate Motor Parts


Chevy 604 Crate Engine

The ‘604 crate engine has an excellent intake manifold and cylinder for this application. Porting for air flow improvement on these heads and intake for more performance is a waste of time when running the stock lift camshaft. So, instead of spending money on head and intake manifold work for the ‘604 crate, go buy a new set of tires. If you want a significant performance improvement change the camshaft.

The Fast Burn, Vortec Bow-Tie style aluminum heads on the ‘604 are excellent flowing stock heads.

Unlike the heads on the ‘602 & ‘603 crate motors, which improve tremendously with “UnderCover Porting“, this head will not benefit from “UnderCover Porting” type  modifications.

604 Bee Hive Springs


Early Style, Non-Bee-Hive “Look-A-Like” Replace­ment Valve Springs
More horsepower and elim­inate the valve train breakage, which was common with the early style non-beehive ‘604 springs. Same wire & outside diameter as the stock springs and have a green stripe. They will last a few thousand laps vs. a few hundred laps for the stock spring.  $349.00 set of 16 springs.


dscf0917_004Our Crate Master camshafts are ground on original Chevy camshaft cores. The duration and lobe centers are changed; the valve lift is the same as stock.   If you want to wake-up a ‘604 crate, change the camshaft.  New Crate Master ‘604 camshaft – $525.00