Corvette Exhaust Manifolds

2 1/2″ Cast Iron Corvette Ram Horn Exhaust Manifolds

Chevrolet no longer makes the popular 2 1/2 Corvette Ram Horn Exhaust Manifolds.   .  We use an best “imported” copy of the 2 1/2″ Ram Horn available.  These are typically the Dorman manifolds.

Mechanically we have never had a problem with these “imported manifolds”.  They fit the heads just fine and durability has never been an issue. However, in the air flow department, without any modifications, the “imported” Corvette exhaust manifolds suck.  They must be modified for any type of performance application.

Our modifications start with machining the port openings from the stock size of 1.300″ x 1.300 – which is smaller than most cylinder head exhaust port openings –  to 1.430″ x 1.430″; this matches the Fel-Pro 1404 exhaust gaskets. Our Modified Imported Ram Horns will perform exactly like the modified original Chevrolet Ram Horns.  $575.00 per pair of modified manifolds.

NOTE: The 2 1/2″ Ram Horn manifolds have a 2 1/2″ outlet with a 3 1/16″ bolt pattern on the outlet flange. The bolt pattern is measured from the center-to-center of the bolt holes on the outlet flange.

Left Side Manifold  162S-L Right Side Manifold 162S-R 

Modified 2.5″ ‘Vette manifold. Drivers side 

Modified 2.5″ Vette manifold. Passenger side 









164A-G – Gasket-Less Pipe Kit adapts 2 1/2″ pipes to 2 1/2″ Corvette Ram Horn Manifolds and Modified Tru-Ram Exhaust Manifolds .  Kits include: (2) #164F-25A gasketless adapter pipes (which fasten to the manifold), (2) #167A 2 1/2″ mandrel formed 90° pipes & mounting hardware. 185.00




164F-25A – 2 1/2″ Gasket-Less Adapter.  Adapts 2 1/2″ pipes to 2 1/2″ outlet Corvette exhaust manifolds. 1 side only. $60.00.




Smooth Ram Manifolds


Nice clean look without the brackets.

The port openings on these manifolds have the same issues as the imported and Chevy factory ram horn manifolds; they are too small and block the air flow from the heads.

By porting the manifolds to the Fel-Pro 1404 gasket size we clear up all the miss-match issue of the stock manifolds.  Our Gasket-Less adapters, part #164F-25A, fits these manifolds.

1 pair of Modified Smooth Ram Exhaust Manifolds – $575.00.

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