Corvette Exhaust Manifolds

2 1/2″ Cast Iron Corvette “Smooth Ram” Modified Exhaust Manifolds  

Nice clean look without the brackets. The port openings on these manifolds have the same issues as the imported and Chevy factory ram horn manifolds; they are too small and block the air flow from the heads. By porting the manifolds to the Fel-Pro 1404 gasket size we clear up all the miss-match issue of the stock manifolds.  1 pair of Modified Smooth Ram Exhaust Manifolds – $595.00.


164A-G – Gasket-Less Pipe Kit adapts 2 1/2″ pipes to 2 1/2″ Corvette Ram Horn Manifolds. Kit include: (2) #164F-25A gasketless adapter pipes  (which fasten to the manifold), (2) #167A 2 1/2″ mandrel formed 90° pipes & mounting hardware. 190.00


164F-25A – 2 1/2″ Gasket-Less Adapter.  Adapts 2 1/2″ pipes to 2 1/2″ outlet Corvette exhaust manifolds. 1 side only. $62.50.






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