Used, Over-Run Parts and Cores Wanted

Used, Over-Run Parts and Cores Wanted

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Flow Bench Equipment:

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Cost New
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Buick Slider
350 Buick Slider, 3.800 bore. Non-anodized

Big Block Chevy Pro Stock Slider for 5.0 bore centers.  4.750 bores. Non-anodized. 
Big Block Chevy 4.310 Slider. Non -Anodized. Blem
Big Block Chevy 4.500 Slider. Non – Anodized. Blem
Big Block Chevy 4.625 Slider. Non-Anodized. Blem

8 each 2.00″ & 1.550″ Chevy 8mm valves. Brand new. 4.900″ long, radial grove. $60.00 for all 16 valves.

Allen Johnson 12 degree ported aluminum Small Block Chevy heads. Used, complete heads. 2.200″ x 5/16″ titanium intake valves, new Ferrea 1.600″ x 11/32″ exhaust valves, New Isky 9955 springs, 10 degree titanium retainers and steel locks. Just freshened with new valve guides. 32 cc chambers.  Ready to bolt on.  $3,295.00 plus shipping.





Used SGF8 Rottler seat & guide machine with custom dual-head 360 degree rollover fixture. Locates heads via the dowel pin hole. Super fast and accurate.  Excellent condition with tooling.  $24,000.00  Brzezinski Racing Products, Inc., 262-246-8577 or


If you have cores for sales, or want to swap cores for some of our work our products, give a call or send an e-mail.  We will send you a more exact list of what we are looking for and what we pay for each core.

Wanted:  ‘186 & ‘492 “Double Hump” Chevy Small Block heads with accessory holes and ‘291 double hump “non-accessory” hole heads.

Wanted:  Small Block Chevy cast iron EGR Q-Jet intake manifolds.

Wanted:  Chevy Open Chamber head cores: ‘441, ‘993 & ‘487 castings. 

Wanted:  Ford 351W factory heads.  1969 / 1970 with 18mm spark plugs.  


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