Ported Cast Iron Small Block Chevy Intake Manifolds

Add up to 45 horsepower, gain a few hundred rpm, reduce lap times and from the outside nobody will ever know your have a modified intake manifold



We call stock intake manifolds “mother-in-law” intakes; since there is generally nothing really good about a mother-in-law or stock intake manifolds, unless you want to run in the middle of the pack and get nagged all the way around the track for not being faster. The solution to stock mother-in-law intake manifolds is simply to get more air through it. The best way to do this is to port the manifold.  


                    "Stage 1"  2 Barrel Intake

The port openings on our modified intake manifolds are just a touch larger than the stock size. To keep them looking as stock as possible, the port openings are finished in a rough carbide and shot blasted. Keeping the ports small and with a rough finish – not large, smooth and shinny - will fool many

people if the intake is inspected. 

 Our Fully Modified Intakes are more extensively ported Stage 1 intake manifolds. In addition to the several hours of CNC machining, porting and plenum area modifications done to the Stage 1 intakes, Fully Modified manifolds are also modified through 4 large access ports. These access ports allow us to modify 100% of the internal surfaces of the intake. The additional modifications result in an additional 10 to 15 horsepower gain over the Stage 1 intake manifolds while maintaining a stock external appearance. 

Our modifications combine to produce an incredible horsepower gain and maintain that vital stock appearance.  Compare for yourself with these dyno tests

Have to run a more "stock appearing" intake manifold?  We also have acid ported intakes.


Reworking our Fully Modified intake manifolds through access holes makes 15 more horsepower. As you can tell, we leave no stone unturned in getting more horsepower from cast iron parts. 

Part #
  Stage 1 Chevy cast iron 2 barrel intake


 Fully Modified Chevy 2 barrel intake manifold
Stage 1 Q-Jet 4 barrel intake manifold
Fully Modified Q-Jet 4 barrel intake manifold


In the original form, the Chevy cast iron intakes were designed to run from idle to 3,000 rpm. However, on a race engine, the engine never sees anything less than 3,500 rpm on the track. This is the reason the stock intakes are so restrictive for a race application. As the dyno charts show, the addition of a ported cast iron Brzezinski intake will add 20 to 50 horsepower to your engine from 3,500 to 7,000 rpm. If you are interested in performance below 3,500 rpm, such as for a tow vehicle, keep the intake stock. If winning races is your goal, get one of our modified intake manifolds.

Free Custom Camshaft: Now, with your purchase of a complete set of modified heads and a matching, modified intake, we will supply a custom ground flat tappet camshaft designed specifically for your application. The custom flat tappet camshaft will cost you nothing!

Cylinder Head Design Form: Fill out our online form for a recommendation and pricing on a set of heads built specifically for your application. Also, here is a link to more detailed information on our Complete Cylinder Head Assemlies.

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