Tru-Ram Exhaust Manifolds

Modified “Tru-Ram” Cast Iron Small Block Chevy Exhaust Manifolds

Must run cast iron exhaust manifolds in your class? Or, tired of the hassle of headers? Our Modified “Tru-Ram” Small Block Chevy cast iron exhaust manifolds combines the quiet, durable function of cast iron with the best performance ever available in a cast iron exhaust manifold.  They feature CNC machined port openings matched to a Fel Pro 1404 gasket, that will not block the large exhaust ports on aftermarket heads. Plus, the outlet area is machined for our bullet-proof Gasket-Less Adapter Pipes.

Yes, the modified Tru-Ram exhaust manifolds make a few more horsepower than the 2 1/2″ Modified Corvette Ram Horn manifolds.

160-TR-MOD – Modified Tru-Ram Exhaust Manifold – 1 only $297.50 each. Left and right sides are the same.

Gasket-Less Pipe Kit for Tru-Ram Exhaust Manifolds
The best way to start building your exhaust system.

#164 Gasketless Pipe Kit

#164A Gasketless Pipe Kit
A = Floating 1/4″ thick flange
B = Metal Sealing Ring welded to Pipe Adapter

NOTE: The Tru-Ram manifolds have a 2 1/2″ outlet with a 3 1/16″ bolt pattern on the outlet flange. The bolt pattern is measured from the center-to-center of the bolt holes on the outlet flange.


Gasket-Less Pipe Kit adapts 2 1/2″ pipes to Modified Tru-Ram Exhaust Manifolds and 2 1/2″ Corvette Ram Horn Manifolds.  Kits include: (2) #164AF gasketless adapter pipes (which fasten to the manifold), (2) #167A 2 1/2″ mandrel formed 90° pipes & mounting hardware. 

2 1/2″ Gasketless Adapter Pipe Only: Metal sealing ring is tig welded to pipe provides the sealing and the 1/4″ thick flange provides the clamping power. Each. 1 side only.