GT-40 , 289/302 & 351W Factory Ford Heads

Yes, we do a fair amount of work with the original factory Ford cylinder heads.  In most cases, we modify heads that were sent to us.

Ford GT-40 Cylinder Heads

The GT-40(P) cylinder head is popular for classes that must run a stock Ford production head.

Like other stock castings, there is plenty of room for improvement with this head.

Stock air flow on this head tops out at 190 cfm intake and 128 cfm exhaust.

When "UnderCover Ported", the GT-40 head will flow 202 to 210 cfm intake and 145 on the exhaust side.

Your Cost
UC-GT40 "UnderCover Porting" to GT-40 heads 995.00 labor only to 1 pair of heads


Small Block Factory Ford 289 / 302 Cylinder Heads

The Ford 289/302 heads were available with many different valve sizes.

We have reworked several sets of these heads for applications where no porting is allowed.

Stock air flow intake is 166 cfm. With "UnderCover Porting" the intake side is improved to 190 cfm.

The same 1.780" intake valve was used in each test.

On the exhaust side improved from 124 cfm to 137 cfm with "UnderCover Porting". The valve size for the exhaust was 1.450".

Your Cost
UC-289 "UnderCover Porting" to 289/302 Ford heads. 895.00 labor only to 1 pair of heads

CNC Sportsman Porting to 289 or 351 Windsor Heads

Porting the factory Ford 351W heads is popular for road racing classes.  A stock 351W cylinder heads will flow  in the 160 to 170 range on the intake side and just below 130 cfm on the exhaust.  With our CNC Sportsman Porting the intake air flow improves to 210 cfm and the exhaust will flow 160 cfm.
CNC Sportsman Porting to 289/302 or 351W style factory Ford castings... $1,695.00 labor only to 1 pair of heads

Chamber modifications are critical to the Ford heads.

Ford Focus Heads

Our "UnderCover Porting" to the Ford Focus head with improve the intake ports from 178 cfm stock to just over 200 cfm. On the exhaust side, the air flow will improve from 133 cfm to 153 cfm with "UnderCover Porting".
"UnderCover Porting" to 1 bare Ford Focus cylinder head ... $495.00


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