Dart "SS" Cast Iron Small Block Chevy Heads

The Dart S/S head is one of the best performing heads for limited applications like Pro Stock, Super Stock, Limited Late Models and other such classes throughout the country. It is an excellent alternative to the Chevy “double hump” heads and it makes more power.  

Dart Iron Eagle S/S heads produce great throttle response and low to mid-range torque for street performance and Street Stock type circle track applications. The precision cast ports and combustion chambers produce good air flow.  Features include a thick deck surface for increased durability, machined valve cover area, hardened exhaust seats, efficient combustion chamber design & machined for screw-in studs.


“UnderCover Ported” Dart S/S Cylinder Head

The straight plug design Dart S/S heads are available with 1.94" or 2.02" valves. Looking for a lot of compression?  We can angle mill this head to 42 cc's!

Intake flow on stock SS heads is in the 230 - 234 cfm range. This can be improved a bit with a valve job and some chamber work to achieve air flow in the 240 cfm area. The exhaust ports will flow close to 140 cfm stock. With "UnderCover Porting" they improve to 175 to 185 cfm.



Complete S/S 165 cc heads with "UnderCover Porting". Assembled with 11/32" stainless valves, flat tappet springs, steel retainers, machined locks, rocker studs and guide plates. Flat surfaced to your specifications.
165cc S/S castings with "UnderCover Porting". Bare, pair.
Add '492 double hump or '441 open chamber disguise package to Dart SS heads

Free Custom Camshaft: Now, with your purchase of a complete set of modified heads and a matching, modified intake, we will supply a custom ground flat tappet camshaft designed specifically for your application. The custom flat tappet camshaft will cost you nothing!

Cylinder Head Design Form: Fill out our online form for a recommendation and pricing on a set of heads built specifically for your application. Also, here is a link to more detailed information on our Complete Cylinder Head Assemlies.

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