RHS Raised Runner Cylinder Heads

RHS Raised Runner 23 Degree Cast Iron Cylinder Head

The best flowing 23 degree style heads available for maximum horsepower applications.

Intake air flow in the 330 cfm range with over 220 cfm on the exhaust side.

CNC ported RHS Raised Runner cast iron head. Intake port size is 256 cc’s.

CNC combustion chamber on the RHS Raised Runner cast iron head. Stock chamber size is 56 cc’s.

The intake flange is raised .600″ achieving a better flow angle into the cylinder.  Angle milled from the factory to a 21 degree valve angle, allowable by most sanctioning bodies where the original valve angle is required.  Warning:  These heads are real hand-full to work with. They require shaft rockers, .600″ longer valve, a custom fit aluminum intake that needs a lot work to fit these heads and a lot of time vs. a ported set of Dart Iron Eagle Platinum heads.


CNC Sportsman Ported RHS 23 degree raised runner castings, bare. pair.

Free Custom Camshaft: With your purchase of a complete set of modified heads and a matching, modified intake, we will supply a custom ground flat tappet camshaft designed specifically for your application

Cylinder Head Design Form: Fill out our online form for a recommendation and pricing on a set of heads built specifically for your application.

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