More Horsepower for your '604 Crate Motor

Turn your '604 Fast Burn crate motor into a contender with our "Look-A-Like" valve train parts.

'602 Vortec Crate Motor Parts

'603 ZZ4 Crate Motor Parts


"Look-A-Like” Replacement Valve Springs

More horsepower and eliminate the valve train breakage. They look like the original springs, have more spring pressure and last a few thousand laps vs. a few hundered for the stock spring.

#604S - 16 "Look-A-Like" valve springs for the '604 Crate Motor - $349.00 
  "Look-A-Like" Bee Hive Replacement Spring 604S-BH - 16 "Look-A-Like" Bee Hive springs for '604 Crate Motor - $219.00

"Look-A-Like" Crate Motor Retainers

No more retainer breakage with our chrome moly retainers!  Same look as the original retainers and a lot stronger. Fit #604S spring.

#604R - 16 "Look-A-Like" retainers for #604S valve spring - $100.00

  "Look-A-Like" machined valve locks for crate motors #604L - 16 pair of machined valve locks. Fit '602, 603 & '604 Crate Motor - $65.00
Our Crate Master camshafts are ground on original Chevy camshaft cores.  The duration and lobe centers are changed; the valve lift is the same as stock.
#604CAM3 - New Crate Master '604 camshaft - $475.00
 '604 Crate Cylinder Head Modifications

The Fast Burn, Vortec Bow-Tie style aluminum heads on the '604 are excellent flowing stock heads.  Unlike the heads on the '602 & '603 crate motors, which improve tremendously with “UnderCover Porting”, this head will not benefit from "UnderCover Porting" modifications. 

We do offer an update program for your complete '604 crate heads. Our update program includes disassembly, cleaning, valve job, grinding valves, surfacing and reassembly with new Look-A-Like '604 springs, retainers and locks. The cost is $795.00 labor and parts to your complete '604 heads.

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Cylinder Head Design Form: Fill out our online form for a recommendation and pricing on a set of heads built specifically for your application. Also, here is a link to more detailed information on our Complete Cylinder Head Assemlies.

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