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Don’t Make These Mistakes Resurfacing Cylinder Heads

You may need to resurface your cylinder heads to improve the finish of the surface, restore flatness to the head. After welds or other repairs have been done to the cylinder head such as increasing the compression ration, the cylinder … Continue reading

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Avoid These Porting Mistakes

Factory manufactured cylinder heads do not always perform as well as they could due to manufacturing restraints.  A common process performed to modify the ports is called cylinder head porting.  This process is essential in getting the most efficient amount … Continue reading

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Do it Yourself: Cylinder Head Porting Service

More power! Horsepower! The goal of porting is to establish better airflow through the cylinder head.  Some people mistakenly believe that cylinder head porting is about the port size – but it’s actually about air flow and how well the … Continue reading

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Improving High Performance Racing Heads

High performance vehicles with enhanced power, braking, and suspension systems rely on high performance racing heads.  Cylinder heads house the combustion chamber, usually sit on top of the engine block, and play an important role in the amount of horsepower … Continue reading

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Building A Race Car On A Budget

There are many hobbies that people enjoy that do not cost an excessive amount of money.  Car racing is not one of them.  Unless you are a professional driver or have the backing of generous sponsors there is a good … Continue reading

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Vortec Cylinder Heads

Vortec cylinder heads feature a chamber shape and intake port that allow a large amount of air to mix with fuel for high air and fuel mixture velocity.  The intent of GM engineers was the same as that of most … Continue reading

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Cast Iron Vs Aluminum Cylinder Heads

Cylinder heads play a vital role in the function of an internal combustion engine.  Often referred to by car enthusiasts as simply “heads”, the cylinder head is located above the cylinders which are on top of the cylinder block.  Cylinder … Continue reading

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Cleaning Cylinder Heads Is Hands-On Process

Both cast iron cylinder heads and aluminum cylinder heads are difficult to clean whether by hand or with a cleaning system because of the passages and oil galleys in the designs. Cleaning the cylinder heads requires manual labor and can … Continue reading

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Repairing Cracked Cast Iron Cylinder Heads

With just average welding skills, cracked cast iron cylinder heads may have more life left in them than you thought. If you can weld steel, you should be able to repair a cracked cast iron cylinder head following these steps: … Continue reading

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Vortec Cylinder Heads Improve Engine Performance

The trademarked name Vortec first appeared on a 1988 GM model truck engine, 4.3 L V6.  The name represents the technology which creates a “vortex” within the combustion chamber.  This vortex is responsible for the mixture of air and fuel … Continue reading

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